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Big Papa started this conversation

Hello out there, my name is Big Papa.  I am a 54 year old man from the South San Gabriel, Old Wimar area of So. Cal.  I have experienced many beautiful moments in my life, and I have also had to survive some very painful times.  I know that we all are here on earth for some very specific reason, the problem is that many of us go through our lifetime never learing what this reason is.  If anyone out there needs help it is me, but I realize that I will never recieve help unless I give help. I would much like to hear from anyone out there who has a message and let us begin to do some damage repair.

God's peace to all,

Big Papa

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Big Papa
 in response to busterljp...   

Wasn't there a great Master who said. "ask and you shall recieve?".  I think there was.

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Big Papa

I know we all face difficult times and situations, and at times it seems that even prayer to God gets us nowhere. There are many questions and request that never seem to be answered. Why? I could not say. But I do know if I really look deep into my life,  I have many wonderful reason to be grateful.  Let me know what you really have to be grateful for. Take a minute to really think about this.

God's Peace, Big Papa

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I know how hard that is, but drawing close to GOD can sometimes help the person who is addicted will ALWAYS help if they are serious in wanting it to, but too many are not and that can be very hard on those who love them as the suffering seems unbearable and its hard to comprehend the reason anyone would put themselves through so much for so little. GOD bless

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Big Papa

I am just curious to know how many people out there have been affected by a loved one or friend who uses, abuses, or is strung out on heroin.  Where I come from heroin has been destroying live's and families for over fifty years.  I have seen first hand the pain and suffering that this powerful drug brings to those who abuse it.  It is very hard to kick this nasty habit, but it can and is being done in many places. The stories and miracles I see daily are a testament to the power of spiritual belief's and practices.

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